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Our Services

At Gungahlin General Practice our philosophy is to provide high quality complete general practice care, and in doing so helping you to understand more about your health so you can make the most informed choices for yourself and your family.

Children's Health
Newborn assessment
Developmental assessment
Infant immunisation
Adolescent health

We can look after all your health needs through every stage of life.

For children we provide:

  • Newborn health check-ups
  • Childhood immunisations
  • Four Year Old Health Checks
  • Advice and treatment of infancy and early childhood issues
  • Advice and treatment of general childhood illnesses and concerns
  • Advice, treatment and support for teenage conditions and concerns
  • Referrals to Specialists and Health Providers when required
  • Tongue tie and upper lip tie release

Excellent Website for general paediatric disorders: KidsHealth from Nemours https://kidshealth.org

Men's Health


Various Surgical ProceduresFracture Management
Vasectomies, circumsion, mental health, fertility issues, skin cancer checks.
Prostate exams and monitoring and general health issues.

For information on Men’s Health checkout MensLine Australia.


Minor Procedures

Following review by a Doctor, we provide:

  • Suturing of cuts and lacerations
  • Biopsy and removal of skin cancers
  • Removal of moles, skin tags and growths
  • Cryotherapy (freezing) for warts and other skin lesions
  • Treatment of ingrown toenails
  • Implanon insertion and removal
  • IUD insertion and removal
  • Tongue tie and upper lip tie release
  • GP skin cancer specialist – removal of lesion with expertise in skin flap surgery and skin grafts.
  • Management of simple fractures
  • Trigger point injections
  • Intra-articular joint injections and aspiration.
  • Removal of foreign bodies- Eye, Nose , Ear and Skin


Mental Health
Relationship counselling
Stress management
Pain management
Bereavement counselling
Assertiveness training
GGP has a Psychologist working in our rooms

Our doctors are passionate about optimising not only the physical health of our patients but also their mental health. Conditions such as depression and anxiety are common and can have a negative impact on how you feel, think, sleep and function.

If you are concerned about any mental health issues please talk to one of our doctors. We can offer advice, counselling and referral if appropriate to other health care professionals such as a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Some patients may be eligible for a Mental Health Care Plans or GP Eating Disorder Plans. These plans will entitle eligible patients to receive Medicare rebates for psychological services.

Useful information can be found from the following organisations:

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue for Youth



Accident & Casualty

Gungahlin General Practice has casualty facilities equivalent to a small country hospital.

This facility is only open during our normal 7 days extended opening hours

We would like to emphasize that any emergency illness or injury should go directly to either Calvary or Canberra Hospital Accident and EMERGENCY.

We have a fully qualified Registered Nurse on 6 days to assess accident and casualty patients.

Gungahlin Accident and Casualty – looks after the following:

  • Lacerations
  • Minor fractures
  • Foreign bodies (skin, nose, ears, eyes)
  • Mild dehydration (gastroenteritis, migraines).
  • Nose bleeds
  • Acute spine sprains
  • Soft tissue injuries/Joint effusions
  • Asthma
  • Minor burns
  • Some dislocations
  • Toe/finger nail inj.
  • Thrombosed Piles
  • Skin abscesses
  • Hypertension
  • Sexually Transmitted disease

If not sure ring our practice!

What should go to hospital?

  • acute poisonings,
  • snake bites,
  • prolonged epileptic fits,
  • diabetic emergencies,
  • significant head injury,
  • cardiac arrest,
  • severe breathing difficulty,
  • extreme abdominal pain,
  • acute strokes,
  • significant heamorrage,
  • comatose patient.

This list is not complete. Ring our practice if not sure!


Women's Health

With our busy lifestyle it’s easy to forget to look after yourself.

We provide:

  • Pap smear and breast checks
  • Menopause assessment, advice and management
  • Contraception advice and management
  • IUD/Mirena counselling, insertion and removal
  • Contraceptive hormonal implant insertion and removal
  • Sexual health check-ups
  • Fertility advice and pregnancy planning
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Obstetric Shared Care
  • Iron infusions
  • Incontinence advice and management
General Health
ECG Heart Assessment
On Site Flu Occupational Vaccinations
We are affiliated with CALMS (1300 422 567)
Skin Cancer Checks
Workers Compensation & Third Party
Travel medical advice & immunisations
Dermatological management
Sports Injuries
Travel Health
Multiple destinations in one assessment
First aid kit advice including prophylactic medications
Vaccination and Malaria information
Children and Pregnancy travel  issues
Skin Clinic
Computerised skin clinic with Qualified skin cancer PhysiciansSurgical intervention can be done in house



Gungahlin General Practice has been very fortunate to have Dr Shane Collins working at the practice since 2006.

Shane is very experienced, well respected and has a number of post graduate qualifications in addition to his Chiropractic Degree from Macquarie University.

Occupational overuse, Fibromyalgia, chronic spine conditions plus advice on core strength and stretching programs are his particular interests. Shane will provide advice and treatments for pronation (flat feet), knee conditions and tendonitis (Achilles, Hamstring, Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow).

His treatment modalities include:
• Full assessment and diagnosis.
• Manipulation.
• Massage
• Dry Needling
• Laser.
• Stretching and strength programs

If you would like to make an appointment with Shane please phone the practice on 6241088 or book online.

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