Preventative Activities

20 Nov 2020

Examples Of Preventative Activities Acted On At Gungahlin General Practice

Infants – developmental screening, SIDS prevention advice, breastfeeding advice, avoiding sun exposure in the first 15 years of life most important.

Preschool/School – developmental assessment, dental screening and advice, educational progress (consider learning disability or ADHD).

Before getting Pregnant – Listeriosis and spina bifida can be prevented. Smoking and alcohol can cause significant problems in pregnancy.

Genetic screening – Breast cancer, ovarian cancer and haemochromotosis to name a few.

Cardiovascular disease – blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, weight, nutrition, physical activity, excessive alcohol intake. Heart attacks and strokes are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Australia.

Diabetes – a new diabetic is diagnosed every 24 minutes. It is critical that early diagnosis is made to enable good control to be obtained. The long term complications of diabetes are often severe, disabling and eventually can be fatal. A family history increases your risk.

Cancers – Cervical (Pap smear every 2 years), Breast (mammogram every 2 years from 50 years and earlier if a family history exists), Bowel (FOBT from 50 years, sigmoidoscopy &/or colonoscopy if symptoms or family history) and Prostate (rectal examination and PSA blood test).

Osteoporosis – evidence is found on history and Bone Mineral Density Scans
Nutrition – Positive steps to good health start with good nutrition.

1) Aim for two pieces of fruit and three cups of vegetables or salad per day.
2) Keep saturated fat intake to a minimum; choose only low fat dairy foods and lean cuts of meat.
3) Replace processed biscuits, snack bars and chocolates with nuts for Walnuts or fresh fruit for snack foods.
4) Choose low glycaemic index foods (eg wholemeal grains, yogurt).
5) Avoid palm oil.

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